Why Visit Malta?

Malta and her sister islands of Gozo and Comino are situated at the heart of the Mediterranean between Libya and Sicily. Small but beautiful, Malta is an ideal all-year tourist destination. With mild winters and warm summers, Malta has something to offer tourists of all ages and interests.

Easily accessible from Europe and with an English-speaking population, Malta makes a superb holiday destination. Just 27 km long by 14 km wide, the best of the island can easily be seen on a very short trip. Nevertheless, the discerning tourist will find themselves longing to linger here a while longer. Malta's ancient history has left the island littered with historical attractions from various periods in history including World Heritage Sites such as the Megalithic temples, the capital city of Valletta and the Hypogeum. Culture lovers will find that there is always something going on be it a play, concert or art exhibition.

Mellieha BayMellieha BayBut Malta has much more to offer than history and culture. Surrounded by the glistening waters of the Meditteranean sea, Malta is a great spot for a beach or family holiday. Wrecks left over from WWII and underground caves have also made the island a favourite destination for diving. Similarly, Malta is a popular spot for sailing and kayakers will find her calm waters easy to navigate. The adventurous will also find that the island's rugged cliffs provide spectacular climbing. Tourists also visit Malta to play golf and tennis which can both be enjoyed throughout the year. Over the last 20 years, Malta has become a premier destination for English language students and there are now some 45 English schools on the island.

Ancient "Cart Ruts"Ancient "Cart Ruts"Younger visitors to Malta will enjoy the island's great nightlife which is at its best during the summer. Paceville is the major hotspot for bars and nightclubs while St Julians provides a range of excellent restaurants and al fresco dining. Valletta is the place to head for cultural events while the car-free Silent City of Mdina is memorable and not to be missed. Sliema offers great shopping and café-life but for something more traditional head to Marsaxlokk and the weekly Sunday market. North of Malta are the sister seaside resorts of St Paul's Bay, Buggibba and Qawra popular with British tourists and residents. The best beaches in Malta are also to be found in the north - the longest and most popular of these is Mellieha Bay.