Azure WindowAzure WindowIn the Southwest of Gozo, close to Dwejra Point are 3 of Gozo's most famous natural phenomenon; the Azure or Blue Window, the Inland Sea and Fungus Rock. These three attractions lie in the unspoilt rocky landscape which is accessible only via a steep, winding road.

The first sight you will see is the Azure Window. This is an arch carved in an outcropping cliff through which you can see the deep blue waters of the open sea. This Blue Window was created over the centuries by the force of the sea pounding against the cliff. The two arches are formed by giant arches of rock which have a diameter of about 40 metres. Above the two rests a huge rock which rises to 20 metres in height.

Fungus RockFungus RockTo the west of Dwejra Point and the Blue Window is a large rock which protudes from the landscape known as Fungus Rock. Believe it or not, Fungus Rock was once owned by the Knights of St John and stealing the precious, 'Fungus Gaulitanus' was punishable by death. The rare fungus which grew here was valued for its medicinal powers. The coast around Fungus Rock is very popular with divers.

East of Fungus Rock is the Inland Sea. It is backed by a cliff and surrounded by a few boat houses. Boats waiting along the quay will take you for a small fee through the natural tunnel which passes through the cliff and to caves on the other side.

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  Dwejra Tips
  • If you take a direct line from the Inland Sea and scramble down to the rocks you'll find a good snorkelling spot. This area also offers great diving but this is the open sea and inexperienced swimmers should take care.
  • Picturesque as the Inland Sea may be, you'll find that the water smells of petrol which makes bathing unpleasant.
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