Filleting Fish at the Sunday MarketFilleting Fish at the Sunday MarketA sleepy village, Marsaxlokk is a traditional fishing village most visited for it's large Sunday market. Tourists and locals descend on Marsaxlokk to buy everything from fish and capers to souvenirs, clothes and traditional Maltese cakes.

Marsaxlokk Bay itself is a quaint and picturesque setting. Its waters provide a safe harbour for hundreds of luzzus or traditional Maltese fishing boats in the summer. Still somewhat cut-off from the rest of Malta, Marsaxlokk has escaped mass development for the tourist trade and retains a traditional Maltese village atmosphere at its heart.

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The closest sandy beach is Pretty Bay. Don't be fooled by name - it looks onto a view of cranes and machinery. Although lacking in sand, Peter's Pool is a far better swimming spot. The natural inland pool has crystal clear blue waters and high cave walls provide great natural jumping boards.
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