Air Raid Shelter SignAir Raid Shelter SignJust a few kilometres away from the popular sandy beach Ghajn Tuffieha, Mgarr is somewhat off the beaten track for most tourists. Surrounded by a typical rural scene of small fields bounded by low rubble walls, Mgarr is a traditional village with a traditional church and yet it is also home to one of Malta's best-kept secrets - the fenkata. There are a number of restaurants here that serve up traditional Maltese food; rabbit, snails, horsemeat - all the good stuff! Really! They are best known for their rabbit. Groups of Maltese come here for the fenkata which is basically a feast on rabbit that can be used to celebrate everything from a birthday to a staff party.

On your visit to Mgarr you can also check out the Mgarr Air Raid Shelter, a 225 sq m underground shelter dug out of the limestone. In WWII it provided safe housing for 200 residents from Mgarr. The shelter is a honeycomb of tunnels and rooms which have been carefully restored to recreate the atmosphere of the time. Entrance to the Mgarr Air Raid Shelter is through Il-Barri Restaurant on the north side of Mgarr Square.

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