Central Malta


Dingli TownshipThe highest point in Malta, Dingli is most noted for Dingli Cliffs which rise to 230-260m. The rugged windswept landscape at Dingli is marked by rocky outcrops of limestone. The view from Dingli Cliffs is superb and looks over a stretch of deep blue sea across to Filfa, Malta's Island Nature Reserve.


MdinaThe ancient capital of Malta, Mdina is perched on a rocky outcrop in the centre of the island. A walled city, Mdina is two thirds surrounded by terraced fields. The other third is adjacent to Rabat, Mdina's sister town from which she was severed by the Arabs.


Mosta from Mdina A busy commercial town, Mosta owes it name to its situation in the 'centre' of Malta. The town has developed considerably in the last 70 years when it was just a small and unkept village. This pathetic history has long been superceded partially due to events that took place during WWII.


Roman VillaBack in the time of the Romans, Rabat and Mdina together formed the capital of Malta, then known as Melita. With the arrival of the Arabs, Mdina was walled off and Rabat would fall into a somewhat more ignominious role. The Arabs called the outskirts of Mdina, Rabat or suburb.