Northwest Malta


BugibbaSister resorts, Bugibba and Qawra form the largest seaside resorts in Malta. The villages sprang up in a frenzy of building following the development of Malta for tourism in the 1970's.

Marfa Ridge

Marfa Ridge is a rugged, unspoilt area ideally to walking. Described by one guidebook as 'Malta's final flourish before dipping beneath the waters of the Comino Channel'. The skyline here is dominated by the Red Tower built in the 17th century it was one of a series of defences designed to protect Malta from seaward attacks. It is now open to visitors.


Mellieha BayA haven for families and sun-lovers, Mellieha is somewhat remotely situated (by Maltese standards). Life here began as a small hilltop village which only developed when the Knights came to Malta and built a series of coastal defences in the 16th century.


Air Raid Shelter SignJust a few kilometres away from the popular sandy beach Ghajn Tuffieha, Mgarr is somewhat off the beaten track for most tourists.


Qawra Palace Hotel PoolThe waterfront in Qawra is lined with leisure resorts and private beach clubs where you'll be able to hire windsurfers or canoes or book a boat cruise or powerboat trip. As a holiday destination, Qawra is perfect for tourists looking for a relaxing sun-kissed break.

St Paul's Bay

Fisherman Repairing NetsSt Paul's Bay is the oldest of the villages to be found here. A traditional fishing village situated in an enclosed bay, St Paul's Bay looks out to St Paul's Island where a statue of the saint welcomes travellers approaching Malta by sea.


XemxijaSituated just north of St Paul's Bay, Xemxija in Maltese means the sunny one. A small picturesque bay, Xemxija provides a safe harbour for numerous small pleasure boats and luzzus. Pretty though it may be there is little here to detain tourists. But if you are in the Xemxija area do drop into Tal-Veccja.